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The Yule Holiday Pages

Everything you need to know to run trains for the holidays

Scroll down to find Holiday Information, help with Trains and Holiday Villages, and free downloadable Holiday Paper Kits.

Holiday Trains, Holiday Scenes and Holiday Fun

Trains for the Holidays - useful info for running trains, giving gifts, and having trains as a holiday display.  If you're new to trains, start here!

Holiday Layouts - track plans for display layouts and running trains under the Yule tree

Yule Tree Safety - be safe with trains around the Yule Tree

Old Trains from the Attic  or Basement- If you inherit or discover old trains, learn what type they are and how to run them.

Tinscale Scenery - the way to make better Yule Villages - works great with Train scenery or Dept 56, Lemax and similar buildings & figurines.

Do Your Kids Love Trains? - tips and suggestions for parents of small children who love trains

Trains for Children - A guide for parents buying trains as gifts

Make a Holiday Display Layout - step-by-step photo instructions for small scale holiday project

Our Yule Tree Village 2002 - click here to see the first set of photos of our new Yule Holiday Village

The Santa Claus Train to Freehold - Conrail delivers Santa Claus to Freehold - a local tradition

 Electric trains, the Yule Tree and a Stubborn Cat - hilarious Realplayer video of feline mischief

Our Yule Tree Village 2001 - click here to see photos of the train and village under this year's Yule Tree

NEW - Special - Ocean Grove Train Show 2005 - Photos of this year's show at Ocean Grove

2004 Ocean Grove Train Show - Photos of last year's N, HO, and O27 trains at the annual show

Ocean Grove Train Show 2003 -Click here to see the fun with O27, HO, N-Trak and LIVE Steam trains

Ocean Grove Train Display 2002 - Lots of fun with exciting O27, N (N-Trak), HO and N trains on holiday display

Ocean Grove Train Display 2001 - see exciting O, N (N-Trak) and HO layouts for the Yule holidays!!!

Funny Holiday Stories


Trains for Yule - the  annual comedy of holiday railroading

Paper Kit Holiday Downloads

Here are an assortment of downloadable paper kits.  Just download, unzip, open in the appropriate type program and print.  Once printed, just cut and assemble.  They can even be assembled with clear tape - an issue that spares parents from having to clean up glue spills.

Files are in either PCX or WMF format.  The Windows paint program is not powerful enough for larger files, and it does not handle WMF.  For large PCX, try a shareware program.  You can download them free from or  A popular program is NeoPaint.  You can also get Graphics Workshop, which converts files to other formats.

Note that PCX is a bitmap format similar to BMP.  WMF is a vector format, and requires a Draw type program rather than a Paint program.  (We have heard that some versions of NeoPaint can handle WMF as well as PCX.)

Click here to download your free Snowball Express Train

Click here to download your free Snowball Center Train Station

Click Here to download your free Yule Holiday Town Diorama

Click here for our new Yule City kits and other village sets

Click here to download your free Yule Billboards and Banners

Click here to download your free Millennium Y2K Train Set

Click here to download your free New Year's / First Night Train Set

Click here to download your free Millennium Center Train Station


Download the new Yule City Files - make an entire town in holiday decor:

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2

Click here for Part 3

Click here for Part 4

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