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Building Placement part 4

for Tinscale & Holiday Villages

This blends a semi-circular row of structures with a linear row., and is good in cases where the rear line of buildings is backed against a Yule Tree or other obstruction.  

As you can see, linear and semi-circular rows of buildings work well together.  All facades are visible.  There is no clash between the two lines of buildings.

Seen from a higher angle.

Here we have two semi-circular rows of buildings.  The trick is to intersperse buildings, so that those in the forward row are somewhat oblique to the rear.

Spacing allows more of the facades to be seen and appreciated.  This works much better than lining the two rows of buildings together.

Another view - interspersing buildings on the two semi-circles makes for more visibility and interest.

Closer to eye level, the concept shows its merit.

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