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Building Placement part 2

The outward semicircle, often used when the Yule tree or other tall item is in the background.  Activity occurs in a band extending around the front of the semi-circle.  Once again, the central building is taller.  Buildings get shorter as one goes to either wing.  This placement is also used when trains are run around the village, and you want viewers to get a good look at the buildings.

Viewed as if on a shelf, near eye level.  The viewer's eye goes to the center immediately, then drifts to either side. Naturally, viewers look from left to right, so the right side will get more attention than the left.

Viewed as if from above.  The inside of the semicircle can be used for scenes, but they must be placed several inches behind the central buildings to bee seen properly.

Semi-circle with the tallest building to the left.  The viewer's eye travels to the right, using that tall building as a starting point.  Buildings to the left of the tallest building will get minimum attention.

Here is how the viewer scans this scene.

If placed with this end forward, the viewer will stretch his gaze to the tall building, then scan rightward.

The end of the semicircle still leaves enough of the taller, starting point to be viewed and noticed.

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