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Building Placement

for Tinscale & Holiday Villages

This placement has houses arranged in a semi-circle, facing forward.  Activity, figures and other village scenery would be focused to the bottom / front. The forward-facing placement of buildings places more emphasis on them, and would place less focus on other foreground scenery.  Best used if the buildings are to get most of the attention.

This is the view at eye level.  Center building is the tallest, with buildings gradually getting shorter on both sides.  

If placed on a table or shelf, this is what your viewer would see.

Viewed from above.

Semi-circular placement with buildings at an angle.  This forces the focus to the central building and the area fright in front of it.,  This is excellent if the emphasis in your scene is intended to be the central building and the activity to its immediate front.

Viewed as it might appear on a shelf.  Note that there will be some extra emphasis on the building fronts, as they are more directly skewed toward the viewer.  Use this when your main scene is essential, and your buildings are the type that deserve extra attention.

Viewed as if from above, at an angle.  From this direction, the viewer naturally fixes more attention on the central building and activity to its immediate front.

Semi-circle with all buildings angled symmetrically.  This is more realistic, and places maximum emphasis on the activity within the semicircle.

Viewed at close to eye level, as if on a high shelf.

Eye level - a nice display.

Viewed as if from above.

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