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Tinscale & Holiday Villages

Placing Structures for Maximum Effect

When working on Tinscale and Holiday Display Villages, buildings are more than items filling in the background.  The miniature buildings have a character all their own.  Placing them requires a touch of finesse and a clear idea of the effect you wish to create.

 In examining the methods of building placement, you need to "fill in the blanks" by adding your own concept of the scene you wish to create.  That means visualizing the scenes and vignettes in the village, the different buildings you will use, and the end result.  This is art, after all, and the artist's vision is all important.

For these illustrations, I have used a common railway track program.  The buildings are common types used sine the 1950s, and their overall dimensions approximate many of the Tinscale and Holiday Village structures on the market today.  Illustrations are bit visual tools used to depict concepts.  If possible, mentally replace the buildings in the images with the structures you will be using.

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Tinscale & Holiday Village Buildings 3

Tinscale & Holiday Village Buildings 4

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