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Our Yule Town 2002

The Classic Red Train

The Red Commodore Vanderbilt Express is a tinplate O27 train which is over 60 years old.  It is run with pride because this buzzing, sparing little locomotive is a holiday veteran.  The locomotive was  restored prior to coming into our hands about four years ago.  Cars were acquired elsewhere.  You might notice that there is no tender - one day we hope to find a red one for the "Vandy."  Tender or not, the Red Commodore Vanderbilt is a special delight to run in our Yule Village.
The original Commodore vanderbilt was a grey streamlined steam locomotive used on special express trains by the New York Central railroad.  In the 1930s, many toy train companies wanted to make their own versions of it.  The Louis Marx Company made the small tin one illustrated here.  

If you are interested in tin trains, O27 trains and / or Marx trains, check out our main website, the All Gauge Model railroading Page.  I am particularly fond of the old Marx trains and enjoy operating many of them.

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