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Our Yule Town 2002

Some close-up scenes

I love working with miniature figures.  The trick to placing them is to do it so that anyone looking will immediately know what is going on. Here is the first set of scenes we created for this year's village, using a variety of miniatures.

Workers push carts while a man talks with fishermen.

Working fast - Will, Farmer Bill and a friend haul coal and home brew.

You can see the busy railroad porters handling baggage, while two men buy roasted peanuts from a vendor.  On the front left, a man repairs the wall.

Here is the scene near the Toy Shop.

Postman hurries to get packages to the porters, and a "sandwich man" has a sign for the holidays.  Commuters walk briskly on the platform.  The seated figure is an original from the 1930s.

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