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Yule Village 2002

Bigger, brighter than Ever

Once again, we have set up our Yule Village.  This year is better because it is bigger.  We added an extension and a few new buildings.  Compare it with our 2001 Village.  Below is the new map, showing the houses and accessories, and giving you an idea of the different sections.  The bottom of the map is the side closest to the viewer.  Links to photographs of our village are on the bottom of this page.

1) Main part of the Victorian Village  The Yellow House to the left rear of it is actually a lighted, house-shaped surge-protector,

2) Outside part of the Victorian Village.  It includes area in brown fence, and this year extends right to the yellow fence and blue building.  Includes a small park

3) Nautical Village - small house / lighthouse with a group of sailors standing in front.

4) The Wilds, with lighthouse in rear corner, house on a small hillock (purple), covered footbridge.

5) Main part of the Modern Village, with three shops and a small foot bridge

6) The Diner area of the Modern Village

7) New extended part of the Modern Village includes the Train Station and Toy Shop.

8) Skating area

9) Extended outside part of the Victorian Village.Blue building is a light house, circle is an animated carousel.

Click the links below to see our village:

If you want to make a village, or makes yours better, click here to see our Tinscale Scenery article. It tells you everything you need to know to make a great holiday village.

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