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Our Yule Town 2002

More of the Blue Train

The train comes toward the front of our village

in the far background, you can see the station.

The Blue Train comes around the bend.

Cars are pulled up to the station for passengers.

Another view of the train at the station.

Secrets of the Blue Train

There are actually two Silly Blue Locomotives, both Lionel 8303s from the early 1970s.  I bought the first in 2000, mainly for fun.  The second was acquired this summer, and was sold to me as "parts."  There were enough parts to rebuild the entire locomotive, and it runs, so now we have two.  The cars were made by a company called Williams.  The real Blue Comet was a huge locomotive painted in a darker blue.  It pulled older Heavyweight type cars.  Ours is a smaller locomotive that pulls Streamliners marked for the Blue Comet.  So much for prototypical accuracy.

I enjoy the Silly Blue Locomotives.  What increased the fun was running them at shows. Children especially like them.  Not only do they resemble that cute little English train with a face, but our Blue Trains look like a "big train" instead of a "toy."  Children get a thrill from seeing them.  So with that in mind, who needs prototypical accuracy?  

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