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Our Yule Town 2002

The Silly Blue Train

This train is a colorful combination.  The engine is a Lionel #8303 locomotive from 1973 painted as the famous Blue Comet express train of the old Central Railroad of New Jersey.  Well, they call it the Blue Comet, but the one blue it too light, the other blue is too dark, and the locomotive is a bit short. Here at home, it is called the "Silly Blue Locomotive" because it is so funny to watch.  We bought a set of passenger cars matched to it, and have had hours of fun running this train.  

The Blue Train rolls into the center of the Victorian Village.

Here it is seen from another angle.

Only the observation car remains near as the train rolls into the Wilds,

The train rumbles past the Lighthouse and the Happy House on the hill.

The Blue Comet rolls into the Modern Village

Here it passes through the train station and into the Victorian Village.

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