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Our Yule Village 2002

Second Set of Images

Here we see some of the original village and some of the new additions.  More sets of images will be coming soon!

Looking from Victorian Village toward the Modern Village Train Station.

Modern Village - the three shops are lighted, kids play in the snow near the bridge.  Across the tracks is the Diner.

The Victorian Village.  This village is our oldest set of buildings.

Victorian Village on the right end, with the cat getting in the way.  Animated carousel and lighthouse are new this year.

Looking from right edge into extended Modern Village, at the train station and toy shop.  Victorian Carousel is to the left.  In front, Will hauls a bag of coal, while Farmer Bill pushes his barrel of home brew.

Toy shop - Scandinavian woman to left.  To the right are ice skaters and...tin Tom Mix cowboy in white suit.  He is an old lead figure, added for fun.  In front, Matt and Sean have heard someone yell, "Free train rides," so they are off and running

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