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Our Yule Village 2002

First Set of Images

Our village is bigger this year.  We took the old village and extended it.  Here are photos of the main part of the village.  It is a little different each year.

The Blue Train is off on a test run, headed into the Wilds.  Forefront is the lighthouse of the Nautical Village.  Behind it is the Victorian Village.

Another view - look at those lazy sailors loafing in the Nautical Village!  The Victorian Village is bright - you can see the fire department rolling out their engine.  Three musicians stand in the Victorian Village.

Looking toward the outside part of the Victorian Village.

Three women talk in the small park across the tracks.

Left end - lazy sailors in the Nautical Village.  A woman decorates an anchor leaning against a barrel.  You can see the three Victorian musicians much more clearly

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