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Yule Village 2002

Setting Up

The initial stages of village work includes placing the boards, covering them with white ground (we use vinyl tablecloths with the white underside - they lay flatter, last longer) and then placing buildings.  Here are some photos of this year's early stages.

Ground cover is down - since the tree is so low, I have to work back-to-front.  The left building actually conceals a surge protector.  To the right are Modern Village buildings, in place but not wired.  Track always goes first, so we can fit buildings around it.

Covered in front - we use vinyl tablecloths with a white underside.  It lays flat, allowing figures to stand easily.  It is also easy to clean, sturdy and safe.

Lighthouse and house on a hill are places in the Wilds.  To front is another surge protector concealed as Yule village.

The house on the hill - these wires will all be concealed later.

The ground cover has to be arranged.  The modern village shop is on right.

Placing figures - you can see the extension on the right, prior to being covered.

Modern Village in process of receiving more people

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