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Holiday Villages

The Victorian Village

Behind the train is the main part of the Victorian Village.

The central; building is taller than the others, which spread to either side.

This is the other part of the Victorian Village, across the tracks.  There is a walled area which is a park.

Children play, and a policeman is on call.  He is placed away from the door and closer to the viewer.  This mitigates the size difference between doorways and figures.

The left side of the village - figures are placed to work with scenery.

Closer view of the Yule Tree.  Note musicians to the right, firehouse to the left.

Another view of the park.  Wires are usually hidden.

Right side of the village.  There is less action here than in front.  These buildings are more ornate, so the focus is on them rather than street scenes.

Looking down the track from front center.  The small park is to the right.  Track and fence are lines separating the main village from the park.

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