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Halloween Villages & Scenes

Much attention is given to the Yule Holiday for scenes.  Halloween has been gathering steam, and many a household has a few items to make a "haunted village" or "Autumn village."  Likewise, O gauge model railroaders have been building holiday layouts for Halloween, complete with scenery and miniatures.

We have here a few examples of the buildings and some excellent little figures that go well with the houses and trains.  The same basic rules apply to Halloween as to Yule and other offscale villages.  It is only the seasonal aspects that differ.

The Apple Cider House was bought at a local plant nursery; the Pumpkin Shack is by Lemax.  The Apple Cider House is close to a 1/64 scale size, while the Pumpkin Shack is near 1/32.  Figures are about 1/48 from sets found at A. C. Moore.  The figures are actually meant as hanging ornaments, so only two or three stand on their own.  We had to prop the others between the tracks.

A Haunted Express, with Mummy, Jack-O'Lanterns and Scarecrow on front.  A ghost is in the smokestack, and Dracula is the conductor.

The engineer is another scarecrow wit ha jack o'lantern head.  You can see the grimacing pumpkins atop the cowcatcher of this venerable Marx tinplate steam locomotive.

These figures, bought at A. C. Moore, are perfectly sized for Halloween displays using O gauge trains and the usual porcelain buildings, such as those by Lemax and Department 56.  The set on the left is closest to 1/48, the perfect size for O gauge.  The set to the right is slightly smaller.

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