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Winter Scenes

Sporting with Snow

The skiers are posed as if sitting around a campfire.  In Winter scenes, these are among the few figures that look appropriate sitting outdoors.  This open placement is semicircular, allowing a good view of the pieces as well as fitting a "`round the campfire" situation.

In tighter spaces, this "U" shaped placement obscures figures a bit, but not so much as to ruin the scene.  The campfire theme works with this tight placement.

All in a line - you would need two small campfires for this to work.  A dingle campfire would be awkward and unrealistic.   Here you clearly see all figures and their activities.  Sitting skiers can also be placed at bus stops, alongside train station, outside a diner, and many other places.  So long as they are not actually skiing, they will look fine there.

Modern-era figures are combined for a snow scene.  We have one group making a snowman while others make snow angels.   Adding a snow shoveler and Victorian snowball-making boy adds to the fun.  In this case, the Victorian clothes are plain and do not clash with the modern era.

A skating scene is several scenes.  A mother fixes a child's skate, boys skate playfully on the ice, and an adult couple skate together. These _min-scenes" blend into one skating scenario.

These skaters are from the 1930s.  Though crude by modern standards, good placement makes for a good scene.  Note spectators on a park bench.  The presence of onlookers at any winter sport is a great touch of realism.

The scenes we showed were plain.  In actual practice, scenes should be embellished with other items.  Here is a small sampling of various items that can be added to Winter scenes.

What with the theme of the season, snowmen and reindeer have their place.  In this group are a nicely-designed Santa and Mrs, Claus.  Seasonal character pieces can turn a good scene into a memorable one.

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