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Working with Figures

More perspective

Here we have 1/32 size sailors and a lighthouse.  The lightkeeper hut is about 1/160.

Placed in front of the structure at a slight distance, forced perspective helps.

Even better, we have placed a line between the house and the men.  In this case, it is a railroad track.  You could also use a road, stream, wall of hedge for the same effect.  Lines separate one item from another, enhancing the perception of distance.

Viewed from another angle.  By placing the men to the side as well as the front, we get a better effect of distance from the tower.

Placed behind the tower, the men make an offscale scene look even more offscale.  Rather than enhancing perspective, this placement defeats it.

Likewise, although we have placed the men to the front of the tower to force perspective, the line no longer separates but includes them.  It has helped further defeat any illusion of distance.  Be aware that the use of lines requires both skill and art.

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