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Working with Figures

Perspective Plus

How can we blend items in such different scales?  We have an O27 gauge trolley, teapot house and a tree & cabin salt & pepper shaker set.  The trolley scales at bout 1/55, the teapot at 1/55 to 1/48, and the smaller pieces at 1/160.

Another view illustrates size differences.

Not bad!  Using forced perspective, the tiny items move all the way to the rear.  The teapot moves back only an inch or two.  It is also separated laterally, thus enhancing perspective and creating distance from the differently-scaled trolley.  

A 1/32 scale cleaning lady figure is placed with the teapot house.  You can see that the door is probably half her height.

By moving her forward, we can mitigate the size difference.  This is part forced perspective, part artfulness.

Another view - the illusion of perspective is maintained.

Other elements allow these incongruously-sized items to work together. The colors are one example, as the lighter-colored house contributes to a forced perspective when placed behind a darker-colored figure.  Also, the whimsical nature of the house makes it good for the Victorian-era lady.  A modern cleaning lady figure would be out-of-place while one from an earlier era works just fine.

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