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Working with Figures

Simple scenes with individual figures

These three Victorian ladies appear to be in a conversation.

A closer view - an apple vendor offers her wares.  Figures are placed so as to present the widest side to the viewer.

Face-to-face placement obscures figures.  Conversing figures should be placed at angles rather than face-to-face, to allow the viewer to see more of them.

These three figures are particularly good.  Their attire, poses and detail make them prime examples of what a miniature should be.  Note three different body types: large, heavy and slim.  All three remain proportional.   Their poses and accouterments identify them and their activity: apple vendor, shopper and cleaning lady.

The same three figures are added to a completed holiday display.  This section is part of a larger Victorian village.  The vendor and shopper converse, while the cleaning lady walks toward them.  The Victorian policeman ins an interesting figure.

Note that figures are placed away from doors, so as to allow two very different scales to coexist in the same scene.

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