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Working with Figures


Here we have a Boy, Woman, Trainman and Sailor

Placed this way, it looks as if the sailor and trainman are conversing.  The viewer sees as much of the figure as possible when placed this way.

Placed thus, it looks as if the woman and boy are conversing, while the sailor and trainman trade quips in the background.  Again, placement is lateral to allow the fullest view of the figures.

Placed face to face in conversation, the viewer sees very little of the figures.  They look posed and artificial.

Another view of lateral conversations.  Again, this is the preferred method of posing figures because it allows the viewer to see more of the miniatures and the action.

In this scene, a Victorian-era mother ties skates for her child.  It is hard to tell what she is doing because the figure blocks the activity.

Moving the woman to the side improves the scene, as you can see the activity itself ,as well as more of the figure.

Another way - rather than move the woman, cant the entire scene so it is at a 45 degree angle to the viewer.  You can see the figures and activity clearly.

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