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Animated Accessories

More Life to a Static Display

Our Tinscale worlds are lighted and decorated, and they imply motion.  Adding real motion makes a difference.  It does not have to be intrusive.  Accessories that take up little space can add motion and interest which far outshines their size.  Below are but a few examples of the animations out there.

Animated scenery is no stranger to operators of classic O, O27 and Standard Gauge trains.  Operating and animated accessories are a special part of the hobby.  However, most of the electric train accessories are suited to the train yard rather than the village square.  A few may find a place, but I have found they are generally less attractive than those made for holiday villaging.  Electric train operators would do well to look into these non-train accessories.

Many people run an electric train in their villages.  The train's motion is a matter of covering distance.  The accessories shown here are different, as they provide action in one place.  If you can appreciate the differences between motion for distance and motion in place, you can harmoniously blend trains and accessories for a more interesting display.  Those who don't run trains are not at a loss.  Animated accessories like these, used artfully, bring much-needed motion that breathes life into almost any static display.

Be aware that the field of animated scenery is growing.  Along with a host of carousels and lighthouses are ferns wheels and other amusements, skating scenes, road-hugging moving automobiles, ski lift, and other amusing items.  Many are done extremely well, with exquisite detail and special features.

This carousel lights, plays music (choice of Holiday or Old Time), rotates and the animals move up and down.  It a a real show-stealer.

A slightly different angle reveals more of the detail

Around the carousel are miniature scenes.  Again, it is such details that make it come alive.

One o the other scenes

Smaller carousel is more toylike, yet provides sounds, rotating platform and moving horses.

Part of a third scene.

This Mr.Christmas brand lighthouse is excellent.  It looks good, plus the light revolves, the seagulls rotate around it, and it plays sounds of the surf, seagulls, fog-horn and buoy bell.

A better look at the tower.

This Mr. Christmas skier accessory is fun to watch.  It is great for bringing life to an odd corner of your scenes.  

I like this for placing as a hilltop, perhaps on a home made :hill" that is also a train tunnel.  Lights and action can add a new dimension to places that might otherwise seem bland.

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