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Downloadable Paper Kits

Small Houses for 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 25mm, 40mm

To use these files, just download, unzip, and print from any color printer.  These are zipped PDF files.

These files are in ZIP format.  They contain PDF file for our European-style houses.  The European Houses are based on the old "Village in a Bag" sets that were first sold in the 1960s. These sets had a handful of small buildings, somewhere between HO and N scale. They were likely meant for TT (1/120 in the US) The houses were in white or pastel colors, with red or dark roofs and contrasting windows and doors. Original plastic sets had window openings, but the current ones by IHC only have frames.


#1: a set of one-story houses, plus instructions and spare door

#2: second set, as above

#3 Set of four two-story-buildings and a small shed.

#4 A small church

#A: These files can be printed and used as shingled roofs.  The first file is white background, and is meant to be printed on color paper.  The rest are fully colored, to be printed on white stock.


Cut out the buildings, fold the appropriate tabs and tape together. Use the Euroroof files for rooftops, Euroroof1 is plain, so that you can print it on colored paper. The other three Roof files are colored, for using a color printer.

You may copy the files only for personal use, or use by teachers in K-12 schools for class projects.

Eurohouses are the buildings themselves. One-story houses come with all side of the house and extra doors.

Two-story houses are only half. You must print two copies to make a house.

The extra door is scaled slightly larger. If the door on the house looks too small with your figures, just cut out the larger door and glue it over the smaller. Some programs might let you cut and paste before printing. The smaller doors should be fine for 25mm figures and most 28mm and S Scale (1/64 scale) miniatures. However, for some 28mmm and for 30mm to 40mm and O Scale size (1/48), the larger door works better.

Assembly should be self-explanatory: just fold tabs and walls in the right spot, tape or glue together, and then add the roof. Use a light cardstock such as #67 bristol or #65 cover for added strength. You can also cut foam or wood to size and paste the printed pieces onto it.

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