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The Trollwise Press

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 Videos on the Runes, Lessons on Various Things, Recovery & Repairing Your Life, and Fun Stuff

The Runes from a Different Perspective

I am doing the Elder Futhark on my Daily Lessons site and am posting them here.  A new one is added each day until we complete the Elder Futhark. Each is a less-common aspect of the Rune (Daily Lessons are at )

Fe as substance -


Urus as Intensity:


Thurs as Fury


Ase as Inspiration


Raido as Speed


Ken As Brilliance


Gyfu as a Favor 


Wunjo as Elation


Hagal as pelting


Naud as Pressure


Isa as blockage


Jer as Expansion


Yew Rune as Darkness


Perdra Rune as Depth


Elk Rune as Glory


Sig Rune as Benevolence


Tyr Rune and Conquest


Bjork Rune and Motherhood


Eh Rune and Mobility


Mannar Rune and Humanity

Lagu Rune as Ocean of Emotion

Ing Rune as the Hearth Fire

The Dag Rune Switch

Odal Rune as Legacy


More Runes will come!

Fe Rune: Increasing the Value of Fe

Urus Rune: The Measure of Strength

Thurs Rune and its practical benefits: Breaking Good!

Ase Rune: Ase Rune: Quality, and How good is Good?

Raido Rune:  Time, Speed, Distance and Relativity

Ken Rune and its aspects of Education and Training

Gyfu Rune as the Unexpected Gift that saves the day

Wunjo Rune: Exuberance, Giddiness and Silliness

Hagal Rune: Shattering Power for Good

Naud Rune: Pressure and Heat and Naughtiness

The Isa Rune and its role i nTempering

Jer Rune: Aging and Maturing to Make Useful

Yew Rune: Car Trouble, Light and Darkness

Perdra Rune: the Cup, the Void and the Spilled Teacup

The Perdra Rune II - The Empty Cup, White Space and the Journey

Elk Rune (Hey Mister Moose!): Defensive warfare and Active Defense

Sig Rune: The Harsh Side of the Benevolent Rune

Tyr Rune: The Focal Point, Commitment and Loyalty.

Bjork Rune: Consequences of suppressing and denying Bjork energy

Eh Rune: Empowerment and The Journey

Mannar Rune: False Face, True Self

Lagu Rune: Flowing versus Stagnation

Ing Rune: Nip it in the Bud

Dag Rune: The Reconciliation of Opposites

Odal Rune: Good and Bad Side of Traditions and Precedents

Fe Rune as master rather than Servant

The Hagal Rune and Scattering


Lessons in Various Things

Talk on Underlying Principle:

Heathen Futurist:

Talk on Principles of Spellcasting:

Morality for Heathens and Pagans

Why Use Spoken Spellcraft 

Facing Illness and Injury

How to do a Triple Charm and a Three Ladies Charm

Facing Death and Disaster - A Close Call

Basic Advice on Successfully Using the  Runes

When you Fall, Get Up Again: a Key to Success

Unnecessary Rune tricks

Making Things Right: Mending Fences and Restoring Goodwill

Thoughts on Justice

Against the Reich - Why Heathenism Opposes Nazism

There is hope

Hate, Resentment and Grudges are Self-induced Toxins

Nidhogg's Time Warp

Life is Unfair: A Call to Action

Prosperity is Quality of Life

How to Meditate: simple, effective meditation and protection

Objective and Subjective: Science and Spirit

Thoughts on the Gods: Thor, Tyr, Odin, Loki, etc

Heathneism for Thinkers

Life, Death, Afterlife, Reincarnation

Having Character or Being a Character

The Right Way to Fix a Wrong

Heathenism from the Past to the Future

Prove it and Loki the Tester - Demanding Proof
Proof of the Spiritual
The Power of an Idea
How to Use Energy Passing
Using what you have when you think you do not have enough
14 Pounds of Common-sense Frugality
Beyond the Warrior: The Everyday Heathen Life
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
When Fear is Not Enough - a close call with Death
Leif Erikson and My introduction to the Gods

Recovery and  Repairing Your Life

Recovery Introduction and Steps 1, 2 and 3

Recovery - Some are Sicker than Others

Recovery Steps 4 and 5

Recovery #2 From Sick to healthy

Recovery Steps 6 and 7

Recovery - Higher Power

Recovery - Making Amends and thoughts on Steps 8 and 9

The Power of an Idea
Recovery Steps 10 and 11

Recovery Step 12

How to Work Steps 1, 2 and 3: Practical Methods and Advice

How to Work Steps 4 and 5: Practical Methods and Advice

Personal Stories and Fun Stuff


Toy Soldier Art items:

My thoughts on the 4th of July
What is Toy Soldier Art: Two Amusing Characters: Guttrhyme Bambibreeches and a biker named Bill
New Age Follies: Funny Stories about encounters with New Age Fluff Bunnies


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