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Booklets average 19 to 22 pages of articles and other materials. They are convenient and informative.

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Wonders of the Fe Rune

A wealth of insight awaits you!

The Fe Rune, also known as Fehu, Feu and Feoh, is the first Rune in the Runic Futhark. As with all the Runes, Fe is symbolic of both an operating principle and an essence. There are deeper meanings within the Rune. My goal here is to share my own insight into Fe as a metaphysical concept and in its manifestations within the every day world. Fe is more than an idea. We can directly experience its many outworkings. From our own experiences, we can work inward to pierce the depths of the First Rune.

The articles contained here investigate various aspects, tendencies and ramifications of the Fe Rune. They are based on many years of experience and observation. Read them and use them as a starting point for your own investigation. The insights of others may help point the way, but your own insights are the most valuable.

Among the articles are:

Fe Rune Facts - Practical Fe - Henpecked Runecraft - Substance

Value - Other Assets - Greasign the Wheels - Fe Rune Exercise - and more!




Thundering Wisdom

An Anthology of articles on Thor and Reason

Thor is the most popular of the Gods. He is the image of power and confidence. Known as the Protector of Mankind and the Thunderer, Thor inspires people today just as he did in ancient times. This anthology of articles discusses aspects of Thor and our interactions with him. It also describes an intelligent approach to understanding the Gods

These articles have been culled from our archives and compiled into a convenient booklet. Take it along on your commute or pass it on to a friend. Consider it a brief, insightful resource for helping you understand an make your own personal connection with Thor.


Here are some of the topics covered in Thundering Wisdom

Search Fearlessly - Religion for Thinkers - Musings about Thor - Thor Inspiration

A Generous Spirit - In Thor's Hall - Thor and the Northern Spirit - Thor Sparks






Meditations on Tyr, the War Father

An anthology of brief articles

Here is a fine selection of articles about Tyr, the Norse / German God of War. They are brief enough to serve as meditations toward getting to know this ancient deity. He is certainly much more that just another member of the pantheon. This little booklet is a great way to get a better understanding of Tyr. Articles cover the God himself, things he does and his many influences. Here are a few articles in this wonderful booklet:

Tyr and Patriot - The Beginning of Bravery - Tyr and the People - Honoring the Fallen

Courage and Sacrifice - The Paradox of Tyr - Tyr's Runes - and more

18 meditations toward gaining fresh insight into Tyr, the War Father.






Prospering Thoughts: Ideas toward quality of life

Collected articles on prosperity and quality of life for Heathens and Pagans

A pleasant anthology of articles on Prosperity, Well-being and developing greater Quality of Life. They provide ideas which the reader can apply for his own benefit. Much of the information has been culled from years of personal observation and experience. The small articles can be used as a series of meditations on the principles of Prosperity.

Please note that these are not a program for easy money or quick riches. It has been our experience that true prosperity is a process of improvement. There are no promises for fast money or extravagant wealth. Such things are the fantasy of idlers. In reality, prosperity comes from having the right attitudes and doing the right things. You can enjoy greater quality in your life. It begins with an idea. Take that idea, embrace it, and worth with it. You will appreciate the results

Here are a few of the articles:

Your Right to the Best - Take and Use - Reputation - Prospering Notes

The Prosperity Jumble - The Runes - Affluence - and much more

Prospering thoughts: Ideas Toward Quality of Life is a great first step toward enjoying more good in your life.  Get your copy now

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