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These new Self-Help books are guides with proven techniques to better your life.  They include the benefits of decades of experience to show you how to succeed.

The Prosperous Pagan Manual

A Guide to Better Quality of Life  For Heathens, Wiccans and Other Pagans.

The principles of Paganism allow for a prosperous life.  That means a life of abundant good, financial well-being, health and happiness.Then why are there so many "poor Pagans"?  This book tackles the problem. and offers a solution that works!  After addressing the problem of Poverty, The Prosperous Pagan Manual gives a program designed to improve the reader's quality of life in all areas: money, home, friends, family.  This is not another "get rich quick" book.  It is a serious guide to the work of Prosperity, and uses a combined approach with proven esoteric and practical principles.  The methods in this book have a long history of success. If you want to enjoy more good in your life -  more wealth, health, family and happiness - The Prosperous Pagan Manual is your key to a fulfilling future.


Build a Life where you make a difference!

What is Prosperity?  An introduction to Quality of Life

Prosperity and Poverty are Caused by Your Mind! 

Developing Prosperity: the methods for increasing quality in your life

The Work Place is Yourself: proven techniques for making yourself prosperous.

Getting Things Done : the way to accomplish long-term goals successfully.

The Magick of Prosperity: meditations and magick to attract abundant good into your life. 

Your Plan for Prosperity: Your grand strategy for implementing the principles of prosperity

Living the Prosperous Life: how to enjoy your well-being and allow it to increase dramatically.


A program of proven techniques that will work for you as they have for many, many others.


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