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Are you smart enough?


because this one is definitely NOT for dummies


Heathenism for Thinkers

A rational inquiry into the nature of Heathenism and the practical application of its principles in the world today.

Can Heathenism stand up to the cold scrutiny of reason? Will it stand as a rational choice or a mix of high hopes, medieval fantasy and supersition? The answers might surprise you. We took a grown-up view of Heathenism in our last book Heathenism for Adults,


Here area few of the topics covered in Heathenism for Thinkers.

Scriptural Validity

Faith in What?

Divine Caprice and Superstition

Sin and Superstition

Worship and Pseudo-Christianity

Cave Man Gods

The Devil, the Jotun and the Boogey man

A Toy Religion

Gods Without Faces

The Coddle God Syndrome


The Gods as Principle

Runic Principles

Magickal Principles

Practical Solutions to Modern Problems.

The Little Guy’s Victory

Other Religions

Modern Heathenism Meeting Modern needs

Divination and Time

A Note About Science

Heathenism can work for you in these times.  It is the reasonable choice for today and tomorrow.


Warning: this book uses big words and discusses complex concepts - for intelligent folks only - not for dummies!

The cost of Heathenism of Thinkers is $9.99 with free postage in the USA only. $9.99  
Special offer  - get Heathenism for Thinkers and Heathenism for Adults together for $14.99  Includes free postage within the USA only.  $14.99


A Book for Our Times

Heathenism for Adults is a practical guide for today's adult Heathen. The scientific discoveries, social changes, governments and advances of our present day demand that Heathenism keeps pace. The ways of the Viking Age have to adapt to the concerns of our modern world. We need a grown-up religion for these times Heathenism for Adults presents an adult look at Heathenism, its beliefs, and it application in the era and place in which we live. This is not another rehash of Runes and Gods, but a dynamic and progressive guide for modern Heathens.

If you are put off by folks who treat the Eddas the way Christians treat the bible...

If you are sick of hearing people complain that the Gods punish them...

If you think there is too much emphasis on old lore...

If you want Heathenism to address today's concerns...

If you want to see Heathen beliefs keep up with science...

If you want a better way to be Heathen in a culture dominated by alien religions...

If you want something that is relevant to the concerns for this day and age...

Heathenism for Adults is the book you've been looking for!

It is all in this booklet. Get the facts on the Gods, science, technology and living a Heathen lifestyle in today's Western cultures. Learn effective and reasonable ways to live peacefully in a society with non-Heathen religions and their followers. Streamline your Heathenism to work effectively and give you an advantage today and in the future. We put it all in one place.

We all have a choice. We can live an anachronism or enjoy the benefits of a modern religion with ancient roots. Here is a book written for adults who want a religion that addresses their concerns today. Get yours now!

If you have been reading my Daily Lessons, you may have read some of the articles excerpted from this book.

Normally I would charge $6.00 for this booklet plus $2.00 postage for a total of $8.00.  However, I want to give folks a break for ordering early. That is why the initial offering with shipping in the USA is $$1.50 postage and handling, which comes to $6.00 


Heathenism for Adults: Practical Heathenism for Today's Adult  $6.00


Special Package deal: Get six copies of Heathenism for Adults plus one complimentary Rune Booklet and free shipping in the USA only for 24.99

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A Runic Library

If you love the Runes,; you can get all five of our Rune texts at a discount. This offer includes all five of our Runic monographs from the Bifrost Monograph series. It is like buying five courses in different aspects of the Runes. That includes our newest Rune book, Old Norse Futhark Order codes. Learn the common-sense way to master the Runes. Everything is presented in plain, straightforward language to get you using the Runes quickly and proficiently. You will be using them in no time!

Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft is a workbook for those who enjoy magick. Along with explaining the magickal uses of the Runes, it explains Divination, Northern Spellcraft, Polarity, the Elements, and mysteries hidden in folklore. Concise. We get right to the point, no mincing words.

Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes offers in-depth interpretations of the Runes. It even includes the Anglo-Saxon Additional Runes. Each Rune is covered clearly, enhancing the reader?s understanding and practical application in magick and everyday life. This is followed by explanation of Runic codes and other Runic symbols. Cogent, with everything explained in plain English.

Advanced Old Norse Runecraft The best Runic monograph explains it all, from the inner work of the Rune magician to the precise application of Runic potencies. Contains charts and lists denoting specific Runic potencies, their healing properties, pathologies and subtler attributes. Advanced Old Norse Runecraft teaches the secrets used to conceal Runes, as well. Also includes instruction in making amulets, talismans and the most cunning bind Runes. If you want to excel at the Runes, this book will set you well on the way to achievement

Runes of Mind, Runes of Human Nature (Psychology of the Runes) : A look at the relation between Runes and human nature, personality traits, archetypes and individuals. Deeply insightful

Old Norse Futhark Rune Codes is our newest Rune book - our first new Rune book in 14 years. Thhe companion to Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes, it gives a variety of Futhark order codes for better understanding the Runes. Many of these have never before been revealed. Each offers telling insight into the Runes and their relationships with each other. A truly amazing and rare work for the serious Rune student

Bought individually, these five books would cost you $56. We are offering all five for $50 during this sale . . Includes US Postage $50.00


Loki for You

Getting to know the God of Mischief

Includes The Runes According to Loki

Loki has been an enigma for Heathens and other Pagans. Is he a good God or is the the Betrayer of Gods? Does he help or harm mankind? Just who is Loki and how does he fit into today's world? In Loki for You, these questions are finally answered.

?Loki for You? looks for the enigmatic God of Mischief through his place in the modern world. We go past the myths and legends to the places where Loki abides today. The reader is treated to an enjoyable set of articles and stories. It is informative, thought-provoking and fun! Rather than a dry academic scraping of the bottom of the barrel, ?Loki for You? is as much fun to read as it is informative.

The articles are supplemented by an extensive look at the Runes according to Loki. You never thought the Runes could be this crazy! When Loki goes Runic, anything can happen!

Get to know the God who has mystified scholars for centuries. Now you can get keen insight into one of the most powerful Gods of the Norse tradition. It is all in this book!

Here are some of the chapters in this amazing book:

Loki the Fault Finder

Loki the Shape Shifter

Loki versus the Devil

Loki the Spy

Foe of Fools

Loki's Dark Side

Loki the Jester

And an in-depth look at Loki and the Runes!

Normally, ?Loki for You? will sell for $16.00. To celebrate this new release, for a limited time ?Loki for You? will be available for $13.45. As a Bonus, we will include FREE shipping in the USA!

?Special Bonus - order now and get a free copy of our Rune booklet:The Runes for Magick and Divination: Ancient Secrets of the Norse And German Masters

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