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The Trollwise Press 

The Trollwise Press

Rune Sets by Thor and Audrey Sheil


Hand Painted Rune Sets


The three Rune Sets illustrated below are on wooden disks of about 1 1/2inche / 37mm diameter.  I have handpaitned each one. As I write (August 5, 2009), I am putting the finishing touches on the backs of them. Each of these sets has the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark plus 1 disk painted with a white aegishljam. The style is folk art. I call what I do Thor Art.

I have two sets ready to go.  I can personalize them if necessary.  If you want a specific simple design, bind-rune or initial on back, let me know.  I can do simple ones at no extra cost.

The sets on hand right now are Green on back. I can do more sets and include custom work.  I can also do sets with the Red or other colored backs, the Younger Futhark, entire Anglo-Saxon Futhark and the Artistic Font Futhark.

The designs on the Runes are strictly art. They are not images for meditation, nor some kind of Tarot type illustrations. +

The three sets shown here go for $99 plys $5 shipping, for a total of $104. It would cost more to send a set overseas.

To reserve a set or to order one, email me at


1st Aett

2nd Aett

3rd Aett

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