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Toy Soldier Art

Color Your Troops

We have the Castings Inc mold #5681 "Air Commandos" with copies of three Lone Star British Paratroopers.  Just for fun, I decided to see how many different types we could make.  Here are some that are finished.  More are coming.  Do you see how a little paint can make a different army? 

These are not accurate military miniatures.  They are simulations - toys.  The original castings had World War II British paratroopers with a combination of World War II and 1950s weaponry.  Our trio has a couple such anomalies.  One is charging with a bayonet on the Bullpup assault rifle.  The other had an unusual submachine gun. 

Camouflage netting for helmets was made from pieces of fine dark green / olive drab mosquito netting.

In a way, these are akin to Berlin Grays.  A simple paint job takes an Allied soldier and produces an adversary. You have to admire the concept. 

The painting is in the "toy soldier" style rather than the realistic style.



Dark blue trousers and helmets, black field gear and boots.  Jacket is light gray with dark green and field brown.  We also field the helmet tops flat, to resemble German paratrooper helmets.

Marines, Late War GIs

Light olive fatigues, dark green field gear, brown boots, olive drab helmet.

British Infantry, Late War

Forest green fatigues, light olive field gear, khaki tan / desert / sand leggings, olive drab helmets

Italian Paratroopers, Tropical Uniform

Sand trousers, dark green jackets with sand and earth brown spots, gray field gear, dark gray helmet, brown boots.

Allied Paratroopers in Camouflage

Forest green fatigues with light olive and earth brown spots, khaki tan / sand field gear, olive drab helmets.

British Paratroopers WorldWar II

Dennison smocks in tan with reddish brown and green spots, light green field gear, drab pants, khaki drab helmets.

US Army / USMC Leopard Camouflage

Light sand fatigues with earth red and dark green spots, olive drab field gear, forest green helmets, brown boots.

Khaki Tan Uniform

Khaki tan / sand fatigues, dark green field gear, olive drab helmets, brown boots.

British Paratroopers

They are like the previous set of British Paratroopers.  The difference is that the camouflage red and green are "stripes" rather than spots, and the helmets are camouflaged.  Field gear is a lighter green.

Click here to see more of these "conversions by paintbrush".




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