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Tins for Toys

The tins pictured here are promotional.  Only the orange tin actually contained a toy.  The others were sold as novelties.  They bear the logos and graphics of two of the most popular toys of all time.  Usually, tins and similar items sold this way are not made by the company whose logo they bear.  The logos are licensed to a novelty maker.

The top of this can is embossed to resemble a Jeep's gas can.  This tin is intended to resemble a military footlocker.

Note the lithographed latch of a footlocker.  Images are taken from ads from the mid-1960s. On to pare a Marine with flamethrower and a pilot in life raft.  Below are a Marine in dress uniform and an Army Paratrooper.

More images - Army Military policeman, Sailor in raft, Army radio man, flight deck crewman and Air force officer

Images include a Navy Shore Patrolman, Army forward observer and flight deck crewman.  Same images are printed on the opposite end.

The #726 Berkshire locomotive is pictures on the lid.  An amusing item is the artwork on the sides.

The train on the side is a picture of the New York Central Flyer set from the mid to late 1990s.  It was a small Atlantic type locomotive with green boxcar, yellow flat car and caboose.  A close looks shows that this locomotive is smaller than the one on the lid.

This can held a tin-litho handcar, made under license by Schylling.  The box art are the traditional Lionel colors.  

This small lunchbox is of recent manufacture, sold as a novelty.  

Along the sides, you see the same images as those on the footlocker.

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