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Tin Cars and Trucks

These tins are containers with lids - but you might not realize it to see them.  They are also replicas of various wheeled vehicles, both real and fanciful.  Tin lithographers can be especially artful when applying their talents to planes and cars and trucks.  These are especially appealing.

Two tin cars: the Speed Racer car and a Kellogg's Frosted Flakes car.  You can see Speed Racer and Tony the Tiger driving their respective autos.

The drivers are clear on both the front and driver side of these cars.  Note the lithographed details and slogans.

A rear view - you can even see the "crash cages" and exhaust pipes.

A tin box airplane.  If you look closely, you can see lithographed rivet detail on the wing.

The driver and passengers of this "school bus" are crayons.  Note "stacked" crayons on the roof.

Smiling crayons are driving and riding here!  Note the 'license plate" and grille.

Rear and opposite side view.  They included litho details on roof lights, grid-type metal step and tail lights.

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