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Tin Buildings

Homes, houses and buildings are common decorative themes.  No wonder the folks who design lithographed tins have turned their artful gaze to miniature tin buildings.  Unlike tin toy doll houses and tin toy train stations, these tins are functional containers.  Any building can be a theme for a tin, from simple hovels to more grandiose subjects.

This tin's artwork is a lithograph of a house painted in watercolors.  Note details, including oversized blackbird in the roof peak.

Side details include a gardener's shelves and water pump.

Window detail is quaint.  You can also see the cart wheel, clothesline pole with red birds and a garden ornament.  Note sign on wall.

Compare this house with the candy store tin for size, detail and styling.  The candy store is more "traditional" in its artwork and coloring.  The tin house is more subtly colored.  

Tins made to look like the Mets' Shea Stadium and the Bronx Yankee Stadium.  The Mets tin is round, while Yankee Stadium is shaped.  Sides are exteriors views of the stadiums.  The lid tops are interior views of the stands and playing field.

Another view of these "stadiums."

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