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Tin Diners & Gas Stations

Diners and gas stations are a favorite theme of artists hoping to capture the not-too-distant past.  Indeed, for many of us the old-fashioned diner is part of the daily routine.  Naturally, these stops along the highway have become subjects for designers of tins.  Our good fortune is finding some fine tins that are miniature diners and gasoline stations.

This new diner is all gleaming - there are real diners that look very much the same.  Diner slogan is also on the roof / lid.  "Windows' are small scenes from old ads.  The opposite side is identical.

End view.  The other end is identical.

An older tin has a more "retro" look.  Opposite side is identical.

Both short ends are identical.

Gas station with embossed auto and gas pumps.  Opposite side is identical.

The station's end.  You can clearly see raised portions of the gas pumps.

This tin is the inside of a soda fountain or diner.  All figures and furniture are embossed.  Opposite side is identical.

Another photo of this detailed tin.  Glare is unavoidable, die to the shiny tin's reflection.

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