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Tin Accessories

Some tins are vehicles and some are buildings.  Some tins are replicas of the little things that were common along the streets and highways.  Here we have tins that are decorated as the accessories to everyday life.

This tin is shaped like the box-type soda dispensers from the 1940s and 1050s.  Details include the lid handles and the bottle opener.

Another view - a lithographed "open lid" reveals plenty of soda on ice.  The actual old dispensers were often found at gas stations and general stores in rural areas.

This round tin is a coin bank shaped like a British post box.  It is a scene of a girl with her little sibling and puppy, handing the postman a letter.  We had top use four images to show the entire scene-in-the-round. Here you see the mail slot, sign with pickup times, and main characters.

The postman with his mail sack.

Little girls handing the letter to the postman.

Little boy and puppy dog.  All figures on this item are embossed.

English telephone booth with police officer and embossed details.  Each side is the image of a British policeman making a phone call..

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