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Civilian Figures

Several of the old toy soldier companies turned their hand to making civilian figures.  The inspiration was twofold: H.G. Wells' book "Floor Games," which suggested using civilian figures, and the hobby of model railroading.  Figures were made to people the stations and scenery of the train hobby.  Early on, scale was not an issue.  Thus were the figures shown here made larger than the scale of most trains.  All are 1/32 scale except  for the Johillco Policeman and American Dimestore figures.  1/32 was the "standard" toy soldier scale in Europe and Britain.  Indeed, some British firms made 1/32 trains that ran on #1 gauge track.  In America, Standard Gauge was as big as #1 trains though using a wider gauge and being of indefinite scale.

At one point ,Lionel hired Johillco to design a set of railroad figures.

The figures shown here have stood the test of time.  They have dings,. dents, and paint chips.  A few have lost most of their paint.  Nonetheless, you can see what they were supposed to represent.  

To get a copy of HG Wells' "Floor Games," follow this link: click here.

Station figures: porter and two trainmen.  Porter is from France, trainmen are English by Johillco

Johillco civilians: man with cane, woman with umbrella, man in derby hat.

Johillco seated figures.  Child on luggage is molded as one piece.

American "dimestore" figures: hobo, farmer, cowboy.

Johillco character figures: policeman, country parson and minister / priest  in robes

Character figures: miller with scoop, laborer, country gentleman. Laborer is French, the others are English by Johillco

Johillco characters: slim woman fashion figure, woman and man in horse-riding apparel.

Old woman, girl, and washwoman balancing bucket on her head.

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