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Station and Street Figures

An essential for good scenes are the nondescript figures who hold their place.  They are not conspicuous, as their goal is to fill the streets and stations with passers-by and waiting passengers.  All too often, a line of figures is produced with a plethora of  character and action pieces, but few or none of the mundane poses.  Here are gathered a few of the nondescript miniature minions who help popular depots and sidewalks, so that the character pieces can stand out boldly.

Station, taxi stand and waiting figures.  Three to the left are Lemax, one to right is St. Nicholas  Good, basic poses for station and bus stop scenes.  Note man checking watch, and man looking for oncoming bus.

Girl with books, circa 1947 - 1962  St. Nicholas

Station and street figures by St. Nicholas.  Clothing is circa 1947 - 1962  Note woman with wheeled cart

Girl with teddy bear, crude;y sculpted, thick figure by St. Nicholas

Couple, circa 1947 - 1970.    St. Nicholas.

Postman figure with packages, for a station or depot.  St Nicholas

Walking man with Yule items  St. Nicholas

Walking man, tipping hat by St. Nicholas

Working figures, late 1800 to early 1900s, by Lemax  These also make great station figures for a busy railroad depot.

Teddy bear - origin uncertain

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