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Railroad Miniatures and Figures

Because of the widespread enjoyment of toy electric trains, railroad figures are prominent characters.  Originally, lead figures were cast to populate toy train stations.  Since then, railroad figures have continued in a steady stream.  Our examples typify the characters that are distinctly "railroad folks"

These are common railroad figures, representing crew men of trains.  Man on far left is a conductor.  The others are engine crewmen.  Lionel

A Victorian-era conductor with pocket watch and lantern.  It is common for conductor figures to have a lantern and the traditional "coffee-can" type cap. Lemax

Engineer figure in traditional overalls and engineer's cap.  He holds a lantern.  Lemax

Pair of porters loading baggage cart.   Lemax

Porters wore red caps.  This particular pair of porters makes for an excellent little scene. Lemax

Another porter with Victorian-style steamer trunk.  Lemax

Figure of man and boy with toy locomotive and railroad caps.  Dept. 56.

Another view.  Figures are done in the style of porcelain statuary.

Man holds a lionel box, boy holds blue locomotive.

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