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Snow Scene Figures

Skating scenes have long dominated miniature snow scenes.  The impetus for this was an Olympic skater from Norway named Sonja Henie.  Sonja was a popular contestant, and eventually made it to the silver screen in Hollywood movies.  It is hard to find an older skating figure that doesn't somehow resemble Sonja's attire.  The tradition of making skating and winter sport scene started with these lead miniatures.

 Modern scenes can be modern or historical.

A Victorian Skater's Scene

Skater figures from the 1930s

Holiday Figures: Mrs. Claus, two snowmen, Santa Claus, Deer

Couple on park bench.  Figures like this would be placed around the skating scene.

1930s lead skaters.  The female skater is intended to look like Sonja Henie, an Olympic skater and movie star of the time.

Winter playtime - making snow angels and building snowmen

Small accessories enhance scenes.

These modern skiers can be arranged around a campfire, or along sides of a skating pond.

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