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Character Figures

Unusual and interesting figures adda touch of class to any scene.  Depicted here we see various unique individuals.  They stand out by virtue of their attire, poses, or activities.  Character figures are useful to the diorama maker, as they are point of greater interest within a scene.

Small scene - boy petting police dog.    Lemax

Whimsical elfin man with spyglass   Lemax

Porcelain figure of woman decorating an anchor.  Lemax 9early)

Pair of cats on tree stumps (Lemax)

Scandinavian Woman    Lemax

Part of a doo-wop quartet.  lemax

Street vendor with cart   Lemax

Hotel porter    Lemax

Boys playing ball     lemax

Child in disk sled            St. Nicholas

Snowmen     lemax

Man warming hands beside fire w/ dog   Lemax

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