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Odds and Ends

The figures depicted here are odd items gathered here and there.  They represent different aspects of miniature figures.  These are examples.  Several types are a complete study in themselves, entailing hundreds and even thousands of examples.

Deep sea diver figure, for aquariums

"Diving Frogmen" - novelty toy was originally a cereal boxtop promotion

1950s plastic spaceman and tin rocket.

Composition figure of German soldier from Germany from the early 1930s.

"Pod Foot" cowboy figure cast in lead alloy, from New Jersey!

12 inch action figures and accessories: Mercury capsule, life raft, "Buzz Aldrin" astronaut figure,.30 caliber machine gun, US Marine, German rifleman

German-made "flat" Santa Claus figure.

Flat angel figure with sled.

Flat angel with tree.

Flat Yule Tree

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