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Halloween Figurines

With the greater interest in Yuletide figurines, it was only a matter of time for Halloween.  The "villaging" hobby has spread to the popular Autumn celebration.  Along with villages complete with vampire castles and haunted houses, there are figures of everything from trick-or-treaters to classic hobgoblins.

The figures shown here are a few that we liked enough to buy.  The smaller figures were purchased for making a "Halloween Express" for our O27 railroad.  The larger ones just looked so good we had to have them.  

These assorted figures (except for grimacing pumpkins directly in front of Vampire) were called a "Halloween Medley."  The standing figures are about an inch tall.  Gold cords are for hanging these ornaments.

Close-up of Vampire, grimacing Pumpkins, Mummy. Ghost, Scarecrow, Spider and trio of Jack O'Lanterns.

Jack O'Lantern, Skull Head, Bat, Scarecrow, Cat and Ghost.

The Halloween Express - a venerable Commodore Vanderbilt locomotive with Owl engineer, two Scarecrow firemen. Two Vampires stand trackside.

This set was sold as "Halloween Ornaments."  These are slightly smaller than the Medley figures. The figures here are the standing figures from the set.

Cat on Broom, Vampire, Ghost and grimacing Pumpkins.

Cauldron, Ghost with Tombstone, Vampire Head, Own and Cat on Tombstone.

Non-standing figures from Halloween Ornament set.

Jack O'Lantern, Vampire Head and Witch

Spider, Bat, Cat on Broom, Owl

These are larger figures of the Headless Horseman and flying witch by Lemax.

Riding on the pilot of a small steamer: the Owl, grimacing Pumpkins and Vampire.

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