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Miniature Figures

Little Toy People!

Miniature figures have grown in popularity due the the prevalence of miniature holiday villages.  What was once a pastime for hobbyists and serious collectors is now a hobby shared by many.  Of course, holiday winter figures are not the only ones out there.  You can find many fascinating types.

For the convenience of our visitors, I have gathered interesting miniature figures here.  Browse and enjoy.  More will be added, as i often come across new items of interest.

By the way, I also run a website devoted entirely to plastic toy soldiers.  You can get there by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.

Victorian Figures

Railroad Figures

Street and Station Figures

Snow Scene Figures

Various Individual Figures

Cartoons and Caricature Figures

Unique Individuals

Character Figures

Figures for Scenes

Little Scenes and Vignettes

Halloween Figurines

Civilian Figures

Plastic Toy Soldiers

Odds and Ends

Here are some other special items we have online!

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