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Standard Gauge Track Plans and Layouts

These track plans are intended for setting up a Standard Gauge layout in a wide space, such as the floor.  They were made for ease of use as a temporary layout, but can be made permanent.  Though the lists mention Lionel track, you can also use the newly-made Standard Gauge track by MTH.  I have tried to use track sizes, switches and other equipment as carried by MTH, since they are the most accessible maker of Standard Gauge.track products at this time.

Standard Gauge was made popular in the early part of the 20th Century by Lionel, Ives and American Flyer.  Known also as "Wide Gauge," it used a 2 1/8" gauge three-rail track.  The trains themselves were either tinplate or diecast, and they were very large and heavy.  More toy than model, the Standard Gauge trains remained popular until eclipsed by O gauge in the 1930s.  Note that Standard Gauge never purported to be "scale," although if scaled they would be 1/24 to 1/25.  If you compare Standard Gauge to a 1/24 Large Scale train., however, you will see just how "non-scale" Standard Gauge can be.

Please note: we do not have any standard gauge items here at this time.  As much as I would like to include Standard Gauge as fully as the other scales we cover, I cannot afford it.  Whether original or reproduction, Standard Gauge is extremely expensive and it uses plenty of room.  If anyone has Standard Gauge to spare, I would like to have some for the site.  As things look presently, however, it will be a while before we can even think of acquiring the expensive Standard Gauge trains and accessories.

1) Standard Gauge Floor Layouts for 9' by 9' Area

2) More Standard Gauge Floor Layouts for 9' by 9' Area

3) Standard Gauge Floor Layouts for 12' by 12' Area

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