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Space-saving HO Layouts, Stage by Stage

Easy-to-Build HO layouts for Smaller Spaces

Here are a small selection of HO Layouts that you can expand stage by stage.  We have tried to give you the most train action in relatively small spaces.  Note that for most layouts, the dimensions are 4' by 6' or 4' by 8'.  Most of the switches are standard types one finds in most HO sets.  

1) Two-loop 4' by 6'  and 4' by 8' using 18" and 22" curves

2) 4' by 8' Point -to Point Layout, one and two levels

3) Various 4' by 6" and 4' by 8' track plans

4) Special layouts for small 4' by 6', using 15" Atlas curves

5) More special layouts for 4' by 6'

6) Expanding 4' by 6' layouts to sizes up to 8' by 10'

7) Small HO Dockside Layouts

8) Narrow HO Shelf Layouts

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