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Point to Point HO Layout

Step-by-step plan for a point-to-point layout

This is a simple point-to-point layout that you can expand at your leisure. It can expand into two separate rail operations.  The blue line is intended to be elevated above the black.  You can use trestles or scenery (mountains, etc.) to create the elevation.  Basic wiring is all you need to make them work.

Our 4' by 8' layout has two loops, two switches and two sidings at each end.  A nice start for commuter and small freight switching operations.

Another switch adds another siding.  You can use it as a spare track for unused cars, a staging track for Maintenance of Way or a spur for spare locomotives.

A spur is added inside the right loop.  You can add more sidings to the spur, if you choose.

Here we add an elevated line.  It can be elevated by trestles, if like an urban "El," or by terrain, such as having a mountain over the left end of the layout.  You can use #4 or #5 switches for the upper level sidings.

Another pair of sidings, using a small #4 or #6 switch.  This is good for a trolley or interurban commuter system.

This little layout can be used in many ways.  For instance, have freight operating below, and a commuter system above.  Or have mainline freight below, and a mining railway above.  Perhaps a commuter system below, and a trolley railway above... the applications are almost endless.  A nice point-to-point system that can be expanded further, at your discretion.

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