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New N Scale Layouts

These are out own trackwork designs!

We have gathered here a nice assortment of N Scale layouts for you, all our own design.  Most are for confined spaces, designed to fit plenty of action in a small area.  Many can also be adapted into extensions for an existing layout.  If you love th run N Scale, you will find our layouts fascinating and fun.

1) Point-to-Point Double Tracked system for 3' by 6' layout

2) 3' by 6' N Scale System

3) Single Track 3' by 6' Point to Point Layout

4) 3' by 6 ' Dockside / Pierfront Railway

5) 3' by 6' Continuous Running & Switching Layout

6) 3' by 6' Double -track Point-to-Point Railway

7) Freight and Passenger 3' by 6' Layout

8) 3' by 6' Dockside Waterfront Layout

9) Point-to-Point Waterfront Railway for 3' by 6'

10) Shelf Layouts for N Scale

11) More N Scale Shelf Layouts

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