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3' by 6' Dockside Layout for N

Excellent little layout to stand alone, or as an addition to existing layout

Once again ,we tacked a waterfront operation that can stand alone or be added to an existing layout as an extension.  11" curves and #4 switches are used throughout.  Though larger scales would permit the use of Docksiders, Hustlers, Porters and 44-tonners, this is N scale and larger locomotives are in order.  The EMD GP and Alco RS series of road switchers would be quite fitting, as would 0-6-0 steam switchers.  

We use 9 3/4" curves.  The inner loop curves onto a dock for railcar ferries.  the outer traverses the layout.

Sidings are added to both ends, as well as a pierside track

Sidings are extended, and two are added into the inside lower left loop.

A crossover makes a line that could go to small engine yard or freight house.

More spurs, more action.  You have both a ferry or dock operation plus pierside work.  This layout can stand alone or be incorporated into an existing layout as an extension.  Lower and upper sidings are fitting connections to a mainline freight hauler.

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