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3' by 6' Double-Tracked Point to Point System

Busy N Scale system with plenty of action

This layout uses 11", 9 3/4" and #4 switches.  It is a point-to-point system that was based on some commuter railroads we had seen.  You could also run freights.  Provision is made for MOW, locomotive facilities, car shops, etc.  

We used 11" curves for the outer tracks, 9 3/4" inside to make this system

Switches make a difference, providing sidings at each end of the system, plus the ability to change tracks at either end and the center.  A pair of spurs finished the fist stage.

More expansion means a passing siding at the center and more spurs.

Mountains and ridges separate the loops, plus provide tunnels on either end.  This would make a great commuter system, complete with car shops and locomotive facilities.  Great for freight, too!

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