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3D Comic Book Toy Soldiers were often included as part of Comic Book War Game Sets. These Games were most often produced and sold via mail-order Ads by a company called "Helen of Toy, Co." of Commack, NY; but there were other lesser known companies that offered certain War Games as well.

Comic Book War Games featured various battle themes from different historical eras such as Medieval, Civil War, WWII, Naval Battles, Space, etc. They had a very long Comic Book career and certain games seen in the early 60's were still being produced well into the mid 1980's.

Check out the War Games and the Comic Book Ads that sold them at the links below. To offer a more complete look at the wide range of Comic Book War Games, we have of course featured several Games which included 3D Comic Book Toy Soldiers; but we have also featured some Games that included only Ships, Planes and other Game Piece Accessories without any Soldiers at all.