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As a service to our readers and subscribers, Milihistriot publishes unique books and carries other works that might be valuable to our readers.

The Following Titles are available:

SHAMBATTLE: A Game for Old fashioned Toy Soldiers

SHAMBATTLE: How to Play with Toy Soldiers

SHAMBATTLE Knightly Fightly: A Game for Old Fashioned Toy Knights

Wild West SHAMBATTLE: A Game for Toy Cowboys and Indians

Four Days at Gettysburg by Bob Bard: History in Lifelike Miniature

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NEW Revised Version for Easier Reading

SHAMBATTLE: a Game for Old Fashioned Toy Soldiers is just that.  It is a simple,  fun-filled game that uses classic toy soldiers as playing pieces.  Based on an original game from 1929, this new version makes it easier to learn and play.  Along with the original rules are several optional additions, allowing players to add more elements to this amazing little game.  With the large format and logical organization of SHAMBATTLE: a Game for Old Fashioned Toy Soldiers, you can be up and playing in the shortest time possible.  Illustrated. Comb binding.  40pp  $12.95  (free postage via Media Mail in the US)

US Purchase $12.95 (Free Media Mail postage in the US)


Canadian $12.95 plus $2.05 Postage ($25.00)


SHAMBATTLE: How to Play with Toy Soldiers is the original 1929 version of this exciting toy soldier game.  This is the book that introduce a unique game to be played with classic toy soldiers.  Here is the complete original text accompanied by its original illustrations.  Granted, the new revised version is much easier for those who are new to the game.  The original version is for those who want to see that game as it was introduced in 1929.  SHAMBATTLE: How to Play with Toy Soldiers  will be of great interest to wargamers and toy soldier historians. Illustrated. 5.5" by 8.5" format. comb binding so book stays open flat. 80pp.  $12.95  (Free media mail postage in the US.)

(We recommend SHAMBATTLE: a Game for Old Fashioned Toy Soldiers for those who actually want to play the game.)

U.S. 12.95 (postage free in US)


Canada $12.95 plus $2.05 postage ($15.00)


The Game for Toy knights!  With Shambattle: Knightly Fightly you can lead your knights to victory over other knights, besiege a castle, combat monsters and dragons, fend off Vikings and cross swords with Robin Hood!  Knightly Fightly is a game of Medieval warfare.  Based on the classic 1929 game of Toy Soldier battles, Knightly Fightly adds an entire range of new items, opponents and scenarios.

US Orders $12.00

Canada Order $12 + $2 shipping = $14

Two Great Books in One!

Western Fans now have a great game for playing with Toy Cowboys and Indians.  Game?  try TWO GAMES!  Wild West Shambattle is two great games in one great book.  Six-Gun Shambattle is a classic struggle of the West, where one ranch fends off an opponent's cowboys, gunslingers and hired hands. It's a real rootin' tootin' Cowboy shoot-`em-up which can be played in your living room.

Wait - there's more!  You also get Tomahawk Shambattle, a game where Indian tribes engage in classic battles with tomahawks and bows.  You lead your tribe to against renegade Indians in the old West.  

And if that is not enough, you can also have battles with Cowboys against Indians!  The Wild West comes alive with three great ways to play!

US Order $12.00

Canada $12 + $2 shipping = $14.00

A Classic is back!

In 1964, Bob Bard wrote this excellent text on the events at Gettysburg.  His vivid, day-by-day account brings the Battle back to life.  He skillfully imparts a feel for the harsh days at Gettysburg.  Bard followed up by explaining the uniforms and flags of the combatants, and finally introduced a simple miniature wargame that could be used to replicate the battle.  As the premier purveyor to the military miniature hobby, Bard's work was aimed at the military miniature collector and the budding miniature wargamer.

We have faithfully reproduced the text and illustrations of "Four Days at Gettysburg".  Written during the heyday of the Civil War centennial years, it is a unique little work that deserves a place in the library of every serious Civil War buff and military miniature collector. 35pp with map and illustrations.

US Price: $9.00

Canada Price $9.00 plus $1 shipping = $11.00

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