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Milihistriot Quarterly

The Journal for Military Miniature Enthusiasts

Milihistriot Quarterly can trace its existence to the Bob Bard Bulletin, a catalogue that also contained small articles about military history and miniatures. It ran in the 1950s. Bob was a mail-order vendor of military miniatures and books. After completing his book How to Make and Collect Military Miniatures, Bob Bard's military miniature business increased..  He launched Military Miniature Collector magazine in January of 1959, and in 1963 changed the name to Milihistriot. The magazine remained in print until October of 1966.

In July of 2004, our current publisher managed to acquire Bard's personal set of leather-bound copies of Milihistriot. After perusing the old copies., we decided to revive the magazine, albeit in a new direction. The original Milihistriot devoted much room to uniforms and unit markings. Because the old uniform information is now readily available in full-color books, we knew we would have to work in another direction.  That was easy enough.

Our editor and publisher, T. Sheil, has been involved in toy soldiers and military miniatures for over 40 years.  He has decades of experience with military miniatures, toy soldiers, wargaming figures, diorama and model building, and miniature wargaming.  Mr. Sheil has undertaken the task of reviving Milihistriot and making it relevant to the military miniature enthusiasts of today. Not an ordinary toy soldier magazine, Milihistriot looks into the new and unusual aspects of history and the miniatures that represent it.  In the revived Milihistriot Quarterly, it is not just about the miniature or the history.  It is also about the hobbyist getting maximum enjoyment from his hobby. We strive to give our readers the kind of periodical that they can enjoy.


In 2005, our equipment was damaged. We have not been able to print Milihistriot Quarterly.  Until new equipment is acquired, we will be putting efforts into an online periodical.  Milihistriot Onlineis here!  It will have the same kind of articles and information.  Milihistriot Online will continue to be produced, even after printed publishing resumes,.

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